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The Greatest Success Secrets of All Time

You Are About To Discover A Potent SUCCESS METHOD Used By A Select Few To Live a DREAM LIFE Filled With Everything They Could Ever Desire… Physically, Mentally, Spiritually, Socially and Financially.

Dear Fellow Success Seeker,

What do you want more than anything in life?

More money? A bigger home? Better health? A new car? Self-confidence? Power? Influence? Love?

Whatever it is that you desire, I’m here to tell you that not only can you have just about everything you want, but you can easily and quickly start attracting these things into your life …right now.

Whether you believe it or not, the fact is you’ve been blessed with an inner power so astonishing and mighty, that once you learn how to harness and use it properly — you can have the kind of life where miracles abound and dreams become reality.

And you can tap into this vast reservoir of unlimited potential and possibility, just as easily as you can learn to drive a car, ride a bike or plant a seed.

Success is an ‘Inside’ Job

Now, you may have heard promises like this before, but let me assure you that what I am about to tell you is capable of creating profound and miraculous changes in your life… regardless of who you are or what your situation is.

I not only guarantee it, but I’ve got the proof — as you’ll soon see — to verify everything I’m saying.

Whether you seek positive change in your finances, relationships, or personal well-being — you can have it all and more — once you discover the REAL SECRETS of success; the secrets no one else seems to be talking about…

FACT: Your thoughts control your life.
But YOU control your thoughts.

If you’ve been a student of Positive Thinking and the Law of Attraction for as long as I have, then you already know that nothing begins without a thought.

Your thoughts — and the energy and emotions you put behind them — are the building blocks to all success.

Unfortunately, what most Positive Thinking and Law of Attraction systems and books don’t tell you is that your thoughts — and the way you ‘feel’ about them — are only small pieces to the success puzzle.

In fact, if you use Positive Thinking and the Law of Attraction the wrong way (which most people do anyway) — you could inadvertently sabotage yourself and end up going nowhere — or worse.

The bottom line is this: In order for your desires to begin appearing in your life right now — on the physical plane — you need to learn how to effectively use Nature’s Greatest Law (and no — It’s NOT the Law of Attraction or Positive Thinking)…

My name is Ivan Zitek, speaker, author, and health and wellness coach for over 30 years.

As you probably guessed, I’m no stranger to self-help improvement field. In the over 30 years I’ve been in business, I’ve had the privilege of knowing some incredibly wealthy and influential people.

I can tell you from experience that it doesn’t take exceptional talent or brains to become rich and successful beyond your wildest dreams. In fact, being “too smart” can actually work against you when it comes to being successful and amassing a great fortune.

Instead, what I found is that rich and successful people THINK and DO certain things which virtually GUARANTEES their success.

And here’s the great newsANYONE can do these things — EVEN YOU!

When I started to implement a few of these easy and highly potent techniques in my own personal and business life — WOW!

…Results just flowed in.

You Don’t Have To Work Hard to Get Rich;
You Just Have to Do What Works

Ralph Waldo Emerson, the great nineteenth century American essayist and poet wrote:

Wise men know not many things, but useful things.

And wise old Andy Carnegie, multi-millionaire philanthropist, and builder of men (he created 43 millionaires) said:

You don’t need to know many things to succeed and get rich,  IF you know the few things that are important.

Now here’s a BIG SECRET

If you want quick and guaranteed results, Positive Thinking and the Law of Attraction is not enough.

Although Positive Thinking and the Law of Attraction can together, in time, revolutionize your life; the results using these methods alone can take a very long time in coming — if they even come at all — as you may have already experienced.

Your present condition was not developed overnight, and these methods often meet with resistance from any limiting beliefs which you may have.

Nature’s Greatest Law Revealed and How You Can Use It To Quickly Get What You Want

Fortunately, there’s a quicker method to achieving the concrete results you seek…


And it’s the SUCCESS METHOD that never fails.

You’ll save yourself a lot of heartaches, disappointments, and especially money, if you learn as early in life as possible — Nature’s changeless law of:

…Nothing for Nothing

Now before you scoff at the apparent simplicity of this law, realize that there has never, ever been an accomplishment, achievement or success — in your life or in the life of anyone else’s — which went against Nature’s Greatest Law.

Many books and products, which are sold by some very marketing-savvy web sites, teach methods and principles which — to be completely honest with you — are NOT what WEALTHY and SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE use to get the results they want.

The fact is, many of these ‘well-meaning’ books, courses and coaching programs, inadvertently try to get you to ‘break nature’s laws‘.

Unfortunately, you can NOT break nature’s laws. If you try, she will break YOU… as she has done so many times in the past to so many people looking for a quick ‘fix’ or easy money.

There is a far greater and more powerful force than Positive Thinking or the Law of Attraction. If you discover it now, it could speed you ahead DRAMATICALLY in your quest for all of life’s richest blessings

So please listen closely — This is one of those simple things rich and successful people know and understand that the average person mistakenly doesn’t seem to be too concerned about. And without it, success won’t happen…period.

All great accomplishments and successes are a result of being in harmony with nature’s greatest law… It’s literally The Greatest Success Secret of All Time.

Yet sadly, most of the Self-Help and Law of Attraction books and products on the market today are woefully deficient in this — the REAL SECRET — to having all the money, power and success you could ever imagine.

You’ll develop more power, physical, mental or any skill, in 30 minutes of practice, than in 20 years of Positive Thinking or using the Law of Attraction alone.

Think about it: No one ever became a champion athlete or master musician in 20 years of positive thinking, visualizing, saying affirmations, or staring at vision boards — UNLESS he or she was also a student of DOING and PRACTICE.

Even the Bible states:

Faith without works is dead.

I have the greatest respect for Positive Thinking, Affirmations, Auto Suggestion, Meditation, Self-Hypnosis, the Law of Attraction and other self-improvement aids. I highly recommend them and use many of these methods myself.

All of them help. But let’s face it; sometimes, for whatever reason, they don’t seem to deliver the results we need.

Perhaps you know what I’m talking about?

These methods may give us the inspiration and hope we need to feel better for the moment, but for real, measurable and GUARANTEED results — we need something with a bit more TEETH and FIREPOWER.

By far, the fastest and surest method of all — so far discovered — is a method used by a select few to create a DREAM LIFE filled with riches and abundance.

It’s the SUCCESS METHOD used throughout history by some of the richest and most successful people who ever lived…

richardbranson-SMBillionaire Sir Richard Branson swears by it and credits it as one of the secrets to his success.
henryford-SMHenry Ford used this method and demanded that all of his executives do the same.
charlesscwhab-SMAnd in 1910, industrialist Charles Schwab loved it so much, he gladly paid $25,000 for just a small fraction of the method (approximately half a million dollars in today’s terms).

What is this powerful, life-changing method?

It’s the method fully explained in a little-known, classic, self-help masterpiece called…

A Touch of Greatness

by Frank Tibolt

“A Touch of Greatness” will show you step-by-step how to work with Nature’s Greatest Law so can accomplish whatever you desire in life. It’s REALLY the Missing Link You’ve Been Waiting For!

And what I’ve found is that if you use “A Touch of Greatness” together with any other of your favorite Positive Thinking, Law of Attraction books or other self-improvement systems (take your pick, it doesn’t matter)

…Your desires will start appearing in your life as if by magic!

But I have to warn you: The principles and techniques discussed in this book could DRAMATICALLY change your entire life. But if you’re the kind of person who expects results just from mere reading, then this book is not for you. This is a book for people who are actually willing to put into practice what they learn. And if you are willing to do that — there will be no stopping you. You WILL get results….and FAST!

frankmckinneyMore than a mere “touch”, this book cradles, nurtures, prods, holds and where necessary, shoves the reader ever closer to the greatness each of us possesses. “A Touch of Greatness” has made its way onto my Top Ten reading list. Make it your priority today!

Frank McKinney
Real estate ‘Rock Czar’ & two time international best selling author

mark hansen

“A Touch of Greatness” is a keeper! It’s a gem of a book that can help you become monstrously successful now.”

Mark Victor Hansen
Speaker and co-author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”


“A Touch of Greatness” can help change your life, I suggest you take time to read it today.

Cindy Cashman

mike litman

“If you’re determined to unleash your greatness, then “A Touch of Greatness” is a must read to help accelerate the process! Get it, read it, and enjoy it!”

Mike Litman
Author of the bestseller “Conversations with Millionaires: What Millionaires Do to Get Rich, That You Never Learned About in School”

john assaraf

“A Touch of Greatness” will inspire you into living your life with passion, purpose and love. Buy it, read it and watch your life soar.”

John Assaraf
Author, speaker, entrepreneur and co-star of the hit movie “The Secret”

And now, as a result of a special arrangement with Ivan Zitek (the copyright owner of this Wizard’s Manual), I’m thrilled to announce that we’re now able to offer you a digital version of this amazing, life-changing book at an incredibly fair price.

It’s available for immediate download so you could literally start revitalizing and improving your life in the next few minutes!

How exciting is that?

A Touch of Greatness

by Frank Tibolt

  • Discover the Greatest Success Secrets of All Time!
  • Shows You How to Acquire the Two Most Contributing Factors to Unlimited Wealth and Success
  • Contains a Treasure Trove of Classic Wisdom and Practical Advice
  • Voted Book of the Year in 1999 by the North American Book Dealers Exchange!
  • 216-Page eBook in PDF Format


Who is Frank Tibolt?

tiboltFrank Tibolt was, without a doubt, a master motivator. He was an author and success trainer who — in my opinion and in the opinion of thousands of his students — wrote a true self-help masterpiece.

greatnessawardSMFor over 50 years, Frank taught his proven SUCCESS METHOD in seminars, classes and through correspondence courses to over 40,000 people from all walks of life.

When Frank Tibolt passed away in 1989 (at the ripe old age of 92), he possessed a huge collection of glowing testimonials.

A Touch of Greatness” is Frank Tibolts’ 12-Lesson Proven Success Program. It’s the same system he used to teach his students how to live a more abundant and prosperous life.

All I can say is, the book is beyond impressive and you’d be missing a great big opportunity if you didn’t allow yourself to at least give it a shot.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this gem will one day be considered one of the greatest books on personal achievement ever written. It’s our mission to help bring back this classic system …to YOU …and the rest of the world.


“It has been said that true genius is the ability to recognize the profound truth amidst the plethora of useless facts. “A Touch of Greatness” is a book that, despite the utter simplicity of the premises within, exposes and illuminates truth: the real truth behind what it takes to become successful. To become “great”. I found myself saying, “I know this already” upon reading “A Touch of Greatness”. That was the easy part…

The challenge was to admit that I wasn’t applying what I knew. The serendipitous bonuses came in the many truths I was unaware of. Truth delivered in simple quotes; some of which changed the way I ran my business immediately and increased my profits as a result. Others which inspired me to take actions in my personal life to achieve greater happiness. I began to earmark all the pages I highlighted.

Upon re-reading, I found that I highlighted 90% of the things I already knew but simply was not doing. The other 10%? — hidden gold. All of this from a book based on two simple success principles that have stood the test of time! I highly recommend “A Touch of Greatness” to anyone who is humble enough to learn from simplicity and willing to put that knowledge into action. Do this, and you too can achieve a touch of greatness.”

— Jon Benson, Creator, “Fit Over 40”

jim straw

“To help others, don’t share your riches with them. Help them discover their own. That’s the noblest thing one human can do for another.”

…Spoken by Frank Tibolt, the author of “A Touch of Greatness”.

But if it weren’t for the efforts of Ivan Zitek, those sage words may have been lost. Some years ago, Ivan purchased the rights to several of Frank Tibolt’s self-publishing works…including “A Touch of Greatness” (which is now available in its third printing).

“A Touch of Greatness” is one of the most powerful, life-changing, self-improvement motivators I have ever read. It just doesn’t contain pithy statements to make you think. In each of its 12 lessons, you learn physical applications that can make it work for you …ways to really make yourself rich …quickly and effectively master new skills …generate new ideas …mix easily with strangers …gain complete & absolute mastery of yourself, your future and your fortune.

As a matter of fact, in Lesson 1, you learn a lesson that Charles Schwab paid $25,000 to learn …a simple lesson that, all by itself, can increase your business success ten-fold.

“A Touch of Greatness” is one of the 3 books I am requiring my grandkids to read. It is truly the foundation upon which you can build your life and your fortune.”

— J.F. (Jim) Straw, legendary mail-order and direct marketing businessman

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    Please continue reading below to find out which other famous and successful people benefited from this amazing book

    Here’s what you’ll discover in “A Touch of Greatness”…

    At last, the ONLY resource that brings together the…

    • Scientific
    • Psychological
    • Metaphysical
    • Spiritual

    how-to information, processes and evidence to take your life to a completely new and wonderful level financially, in health, in relationships, mentally and spiritually.

    In the past, you’d have to search far and wide for information that will empower you to:

    1. Understand and solve all of your financial, health, relationship and social problems
    2. Realize the glorious, abundant and free lifestyle you have always dreamed of having
    3. Empower you to great accomplishments in your career, family and social life

    You found fragments here and there. They helped, but they were not complete.

    But at last…with “A Touch of Greatness” you will:

    redcheckmark Learn the hidden secrets of Nature’s Greatest Law and how you can apply it in your own life to live more ‘in the flow’ of effortless prosperity.

    redcheckmark Find the only fortune worth finding – that touch and seed of greatness that God Plants inside every one of us.

    redcheckmark Activate the two MIND GROWTH traits that bring out your highest potential.

    redcheckmark Discover a concrete, surefire method which proves you are a master of your own universe.

    redcheckmark Attract good luck by following the three modes that Good Luck favors and follows.

    redcheckmark Replace Fear, Worry and Stress with Confidence and Peace of Mind.

    redcheckmark Multiply your Thinking Power, Your Mind Power, Problem Solving and Decision Making Power with the THINKING ALPHABET MIND-STIMULATOR.

    redcheckmark Win friends instantly with the CONVERSATION STIMULATOR.

    redcheckmark Develop total Confidence, Courage, and a winning Self-Image.

    redcheckmark Know the exact science of getting rich.

    redcheckmark Learn how to manifest your dreams and desires into reality.

    redcheckmark Unlock your inherent creative abilities and use them for untold riches.

    Overcome your limiting beliefs, discover new truths and realize all that you deserve.
    redcheckmarkLearn how to change your thinking patterns to create and experience a completely new world.

    redcheckmarkLearn how to achieve complete and lasting success in your finances, health, and relationships in a self-reliant way using means available to you right now.

    redcheckmark Channel thoughts from limitation and scarcity into success.

    redcheckmark Assimilate the Condensed Wisdom of the Ages; the greatest thoughts, from the greatest minds, universities, religions, books, programs, courses and wise-sayings in all of history.

    redcheckmark Remove your negative expectations and blockages and allow wealth and abundance to permeate your consciousness.

    redcheckmark Increase the moments of joy and good fortune in all areas of your life.

    redcheckmark Shift your mindset to get out of debt and start living a rich lifestyle.

    redcheckmark Easily stop your self-sabotaging and limiting beliefs.

    redcheckmark Enjoy your time doing things that you really love to do. Travel more, spend more time with your family, kick back and relax, make more money, have more health and vitality, direct your life with precision, and stop surviving and start thriving!

    redcheckmark Experience the exhilarating freedom and power that was once held secret and shared only among the elite.

    redcheckmark Gain knowledge that will allow you to be self-reliant and fully capable of designing your life.

    redcheckmark Free yourself from struggle.

    redcheckmark See clearly that you need nothing outside yourself to have the wealth, happiness, thrills, enjoyment, health and relationships you have always desired.

    redcheckmark Do less and achieve much more, living more effortlessly.

    redcheckmark Start seeing new opportunities everywhere you go, and have the ability to take advantage of them.

    redcheckmark Know how to begin creating, experiencing the inherent and unlimited potential that lies within you.

    redcheckmark See unparalleled universal, ancient truths and laws of the universe revealed.

    redcheckmark Use the same proven wisdom that has been used for thousands of years by ordinary people just like you who went on to become emperors, leaders, explorers, discoverers, business titans, or just regular, free people!

    phyllis diller

    “This book is a master plan for success.”

    — Phyllis Diller, comedian, actress and TV legend

    “After spending $25,000 on motivational courses, seminars, tapes, books and two college degrees to no avail, I finally found myself through your course. It really works and changes people.”

    — Fred Pushkoff, a student of Frank Tibolt

    A Touch of Greatness

    by Frank Tibolt

    • Discover the Greatest Success Secrets of All Time!
    • Shows You How to Acquire the Two Most Contributing Factors to Unlimited Wealth and Success
    • Contains a Treasure Trove of Classic Wisdom and Practical Advice
    • Voted Book of the Year in 1999 by the North American Book Dealers Exchange!
    • 216-Page eBook in PDF Format


    “This is Truly One of The Greatest Self-Help Books of All Time!”

    But please don’t just take my word for it…

    Read some more of these verifiable testimonials from the thousands of others — many who you may already know — who’ve already read this incredibly potent book and experienced a new and exciting world of abundance, prosperity and joy!

    melvin powers“This book will help you achieve your goals by helping you to maximize your potential. It’s an excellent manual for reaching new heights of personal achievement. It is a highly motivational book that can make a valuable contribution to your life.”

    — Melvin Powers, author of “How to Get Rich in Mail Order”

    dancatto “Thanks for all your help and support and for one of the greatest books ever written.”

    — Dan Catto, millionaire, Catto Enterprises Inc.

    joegarcia“Self-development has been very important to me. Because of this I have read many books. “A Touch of Greatness” I found was a combination of all the books I have read packaged into one great book. I have followed its principles for years which has helped me succeed in life and my business ventures.”

    — Joe Garcia, self-made millionaire, professional trainer and top leader,

    ivanzitek“I believe A Touch of Greatness is one of the ten best self-help books ever written. It contains an astonishingly simple formula which anyone can use to achieve wealth and happiness. I have read a lot of books in my lifetime, but it wasn’t until I read A Touch of Greatness that I finally became aware of the true secrets to achieving success. This book should be mandatory reading in schools across the world.”

    — Ivan Zitek, Speaker, Author & Life Coach with a friend, Larry Scott, the first Mr. Olympian (1965)

    janjanzen “A Touch Of Greatness” brings together hard-hitting, valuable and real-world lessons from some of the greatest minds of history. This book should come with a warning: Don’t read this book if you want your life to stay the same, if you want to have excuses for your failure or if you are lazy. This book is only for those who truly want to bring greatness into their lives. I hope you are one of those, for you won’t be disappointed”.

    — Jan Janzen, author, “Devil with a Briefcase: 101 Success Secrets for the Spiritual Entrepreneur”

    georgecook “Here is your chance to find yourself… Find that touch of greatness that God plants inside every one of us! I wish I had this book 20 years ago. It surely would have enriched my life even more. I will highly recommend it to everyone I know.”
    — George Cook, world record songwriter featured in Ripley’s Believe-it-or-Not

    brankozitek “Ben Franklin wrote: “Three things are very hard; diamonds, steel, and finding our unique, individual abilities. “A Touch of Greatness” will help you to find your hidden potential in 3 weeks! This is one of the best self help books I’ve ever read. It is now one of my missions in life to share this self-help classic with the world.”

    — Branko Zitek, Tae Kwon Do black belt and bodybuilding trainer

    brad “A Touch of Greatness” is a timeless classic, full of proven insights and a plan of action that anyone can apply to get more out of every area of their life. I especially enjoyed chapter 12 about mining your talents and have used a lot of these techniques and strategies to create abundance in my life and the lives of many others.”

    — Brad Weinman, author of the “Attraction Marketing Blueprint”

    patricksnow “Want more out of life? Read “A Touch of Greatness” to learn your destiny. This is a super book that will show you how to master your life!”

    — Patrick Snow, author, “Create Your Own Destiny”

    algalasso “A Touch of Greatness” is packed with the real techniques, formulas, ideas and strategic plans to create wealth in every phase of your life right now. It is easy to follow and you will not believe the results you can obtain! You will be referring to it over and over again.”

    — Al Galasso, Book Dealers World

    jeffgardner “If you’re looking for the true secrets to success in life, look no further. “A Touch of Greatness” is must-have for anyone who truly wants more out of life. With the little-known success tips, tricks, and strategies revealed inside this book, I believe virtually anyone could achieve the success and happiness they desire”.

    — Jeff Gardner, bestselling author, speaker
    and self-made millionaire

    tedciuba “I like your book! I recommend that everyone read “A Touch of Greatness”! It’s full of inspirational and motivational truths and reminders that will help anyone live a more purposeful and more fulfilled life.”

    — Ted Ciuba, marketer, Parthenon Marketing, Inc

    glenchipkar “A Touch of Greatness” will ignite your passion to take control of your life and become the best you can be. Learn to build momentum today and happiness will follow”.

    — Glenn Chipkar, National multi-gold medalist
    Mr. Fitness Champion

    debi_davis “Sometimes, when we reach our lowest ebb, the greatness that lives inside each and every one of us has a chance to emerge. “A Touch of Greatness” is a wonderful book that helps us identify our own individual key that opens doors to our future. Inspirational.”

    — Debi Davis, founder Fit America
    Weight Loss Stores

    larryoxenham“Thank you for introducing me to the most valuable personal development book I have seen. I sat down with it last night intending to take a quick glance, but found I could not put it down. When you combine the great examples, the well known people who contributed and the very specific plans you have something everyone must read. I especially liked the idea that everything is broken down into small bits making it easy to apply. I recommend “A Touch of Greatness” to all of my friends and customers around the world. Thank you”.

    — Larry Oxenham, Mr. Lazy,

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    “A Touch of Greatness” by one of our foremost psychologists is a tonic for our morale and soul. It inspires me so much that I gave a copy to each of my five children.”

    — Dr. George W. Crane, Ph.D., M.D. (two of his sons were congressmen. One of them, Phil Crane, was a Republican candidate for President in 1980)

    “Every young person in America, and some older ones like myself, should order this book, read it and re-read it every thirty days. It is a veritable treasure chest of sincere, very valuable and proven successful ideas. I am buying 10 copies to distribute to some of the members of my organization. “A Touch of Greatness” is a masterpiece. I love it!”

    — Waldo Zimmerman, author

    “Applying your course increased my income 70%.”

    — Harry L. Payne, radio announcer

    “Your course should be incorporated in all the schools”

    — George Putnam, teacher

    “Your book “A Touch of Greatness” has helped me to better understand myself. Its contents have helped me to evolve in many ways. There have been so many changes in my life. Sir, it has almost been a miraculous turn about. Remember how I told you my financial condition was so bad I couldn’t even make enough money to feed myself. How I had to live with relatives who didn’t seem to understand me, considered me a crazy and good-for-nothing. Yet now Sir, circumstances have changed. I have a job and have been working since July. People are looking at me different. I am not sickly as I was last year when I felt I was dying, going insane, fading away. God has blessed me to have contacted such personas as yourself Mr. Tibolt, who gives to others so much in wise teachings, kindness and spiritual blessings. Once again I thank you. Peace be with you always.”

    — Kim Martin

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    A Touch of Greatness

    by Frank Tibolt

    • Discover the Greatest Success Secrets of All Time!
    • Shows You How to Acquire the Two Most Contributing Factors to Unlimited Wealth and Success
    • Contains a Treasure Trove of Classic Wisdom and Practical Advice
    • Voted Book of the Year in 1999 by the North American Book Dealers Exchange!
    • 216-Page eBook in PDF Format




    Ivan Zitek

    © 2002-2015 Ivan Zitek, Inc.